The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Pink

In southern Alberta – in southeastern Alberta – there isn’t much prettier than the Cypress Hills.  Our campaign site was high on a hill that looked down over a valley where the elk gather in the evening. It was a pretty sight.

My horse is down for the count, off staying with the vet. We think she had heat stroke from the ride down. So the riders rode without me but they were out-and-about with three very friendly, very knowledgeable, very helpful conservation officers. For both days they had perfect riding weather and for some of the flat land riders it was a little challenging. My sister is riding a lot but riding on the flatlands because she lives near Bassano. She said her riding muscles were fine but her quad muscles were paying the price for all of this uphill and down dale riding.

Our very own cook, Savala Rose, has done a bang up job of the cooking, so the riders are fat and sassy. *grin*

Evenings were spent around the bonfire and Amy introduced us all to something called “marshmallow shooters”. First you roast your marshmallow. Then you pull the crispy outer shell off, stick your finger in the hole to make sure it’s deep enough, then pour in the Baileys! *giggle.snort* Can you get more cowboy than THAT?


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