Dateline August 13: My very first trail ride on the fabulous Rosie

We left the Cypress Hills today and moved to the P Bar 3 Ranch which is just outside the Cypress Hills and home to veterinarian Leah Turner and her husband Bob.

The day was hot but there was a nice cooling breeze. From the ranch, we climbed up over some hills (its very rolling in this part of Alberta) and then headed down to Cavan Lake, a little lake created by a dam that holds back the run-off from the Cypress Hills. It was about an hour to the lake. The Fabulous Miss Rosie was perfect! Thank you Stef Schermerhorn! Apparently we should have sent Deebo, the horse of our Wrangler, Darwin Sovdi, to you as well Stef because half way to the lake Deebo shied, then put his head down, gave a couple of solid bucks and dumped Darwin!

Once we were at the lake everybody (but me) rode their horse down and into the water. It was an interesting trip for Darwin because Deebo decided to take a bath and rolled in the lake with Wrangler aboard. It gives new meaning to the phrase “Fill your boots”! *giggle.snort*

Our host delivered lunch that was a macaroni salad, fried chicken legs, watermelon, cold ice tea and cupcakes and other goodies. Our best lunch yet!

After lunch it was another probably 45 minutes back to the ranch. Rosie was showing off on the way back doing a tight little Paso gait called “fino-fino”. To Darwin it looked so funny that he calls my horse Bugs Bunny! I don’t know whether to laugh or be insulted! *grin*

When we got back everybody put their horses away and then we had a wonderful BBQ featuring beef raised by our hosts and sausage made to their very own specifications.

After dinner we pulled out the fire pit and had a visit. Sorry Peggy but Rusty was first too busy, and then too tired to use the pink guitar.


2 thoughts on “Dateline August 13: My very first trail ride on the fabulous Rosie

  1. Sounds like Wrangler, Darwin is having his share of the antics this year.. *smile* Hope that he took it all in stride.. Needed a bath after the dumping or so Deevo thought. And as for Rusty, hope he picks up that guitar before the 28th.. *smile*


  2. Sounds like a great ride for you Jane. I was recently in a parade and a horse near us did that fino fino gait for virtually the whole route. Quite something. Thanks for the updates.


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