Dateline August 17: At KAL Tire “True Service” isn’t just a slogan

I barely made it off the end of the Brooks overpass ramp when I blew a tire on the stock trailer. Fortunately for me, I have an AMA Plus RV membership – which means they will help me out with my stock trailer as long as I have horses, not cattle or sheep or pigs or llamas, onboard.  Being as I had no cattle or sheep or pigs or llamas, I figured all would be well. Not so.

Those of you who know me well will know that I am a huge fan of KAL Tire!

Here’s the story . . .

When I phoned AMA Emergency Roadside Service, their first question was “were you in a safe place?” I answered, “No, I am on the TransCanada Highway with four horses and shredded tire.” They put me on hold.  Then an automated voice asked for my phone number and said they would call me back as soon as they could.  That took 10 minutes.

When I finally got an operator she said that they would send out a truck, no problem.  All I had to do was get another trailer there, off-load my horses into the other trailer – in the middle of the Trans-Frickin’-Canada Highway!  I told them I would do that as soon as they got the RCMP out to shut down the TransCanada both East and West bound. When they refused to do that I told them what needed to be done; I needed somebody to come out and jack-up the stock trailer, remove the wheel with the shredded tire, take it in and have a new tire put on it. They refused. They said that they would come out and take off the wheel but I would have to take the wheel into town. It’s lunacy! How am I supposed to take the tire into town when my truck is hooked to a stock trailer?  They said to unhook the trailer and take the truck to town (for those of you who are horse people, I know you are already laughing. For those of you who are not horse people or country folk, you never, ever, ever dolly-off the trailer with livestock in it!).  Another solution they had was for them to haul my trailer into town (apparently with the stock in it?) – – if that’s all that was required, my trailer was already hooked up to my 1 Ton truck!

In the long run I fought with the dispatchers, I fought with the supervisor and in the end called KAL Tire who are truly the BEST tire company in the country – they’re slogan is “True Service” – and it really is. KAL came and did the only reasonable thing: they jacked up the trailer, blocked it, and took the tire in to Brooks, replaced it and returned to put it on the trailer. No worries that I might sue them if the jack stand failed and my horses fell over. *grin*

And you want to know the really funny part? If I had done this through the AMA in the Brooks area, they would have called KAL Tire to respond anyway!  *giggle. snort.* Do you want to know the funnier part of this? After fighting with these idiots for an hour they tell me to keep the bill from KAL Tire and they will pay it!

KAL Tire, I’m still your #1 Fan!




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