Dateline August 17: Riding the irrigation ditch to Bassano

You gotta love the folks who work for the Eastern Irrigation District! They have built roads along one side of the irrigation canal and they use them extensively. When the workers discovered that our riders were riding on their roads they shut down all the truck traffic around the sections we were on so our riders didn’t have to contend with their dust.

This post will be brief because I don’t have a first-hand account of it. I spent the day on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway with a blown tire. But riders tell me that it was beautiful; the day was hot but there was a breeze so the water from the canal kept them cool. It’s pretty flat down here but they tell me they enjoyed the ride.

The town of Bassano didn’t want to play Pinkest Little Town in the Westso my brand new sister came to the rescue. That sister of mine can really get things done! She lives not too far from Bassano and when she learned of the situation she single-handedly arranged for all of our meals. We had a fabulous feed of roast beef, corn-on-the-cob, potatoes and four different desserts all thanks to the Bassano AG Grocery Store, Jensen’s Taber Corn, the IDA Drug Store and a number of Shirley’s friends who made the desserts. Shirley then went to Helping Hands who made lunches and delivered them to us. In the meantime my sister also talked to Strathmore Tim Horton’s who donated muffins for breakfast.

What a gal! Thank you Shirley!


2 thoughts on “Dateline August 17: Riding the irrigation ditch to Bassano

  1. Hello sounds like things are going well just wanted to let you know that my two grand daughters had a trip they will never forget would like to thank Darwin for takeing the time to let the girls ride his horse as i no longer have a saddle horse was a great time and hope the rest of your trip goes well Bill Prentice


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