Dateline August 26: Bejeweled Bedazzled and Beguiled in Killam

The energy. The enthusiasm. The pinkification! This town Rocks!  Killam went all-out for Wild Pink Yonder.

When we arrived, we lined-up to become part of the Killam parade which included the usual floats . . . and the cutest little golf cart completely engulfed (and I mean completely) in pink balloons. Oh wait! Except of course for the gigantic baskets of growing pink flowers where the golf clubs would go. It was too funny!













They toured us around town then right down Main Street where hundreds of people were waiting; clapping and hooting and hollering. I must have called out to over a hundred women. I said, “I had my mammogram in June.  When did you have yours?” The answers came back, “March! June! Last December!” and from many I got a simple thumbs up.

After the parade we had a little time to put the horses away and get ourselves cleaned up. Then we were off to the town park. What a beautiful place! Two little bridges all decked out in pink. A bandstand lots of trees and places to sit with your family.

Then they put on a pig roast for us; a pig roast with all the trimmings.

After we ate dinner, the entertainment began.  The cutest little girls (little, little, little) – the Hawaiian Princesses – in their pineapple tutus danced for us; it was darling. Then the older dancers followed (but they weren’t that old) – all of our entertainers were school aged and they were fantastic. Two girls did a jazz/ballet/modern dance number.  There was the Marilyn Monroe number (pretty sexy!), The Bakers with a number about cooking featured six female cooks and one really sexy boy chef who our longrider, Carly fell in love with (apparently Madison thought he was hot, too! Carly & Matty are 15 and 16 years of age). Half a dozen girls and a little boy did a tap number and then teenagers took to the stage and did a contemporary dance number. It was wonderful!

When the dust cleared and the dancing was done, it was time for the Wild Pink Yonder Bra Fashion Show where half a dozen burly men strutted their stuff, tore off their shirts and revealed the bejeweled, bedazzled and beguiling bras beneath. Some were pale pink with flowers, others were hot pink with sequins – all looked ridiculous!  The bras, with names like 40DD Dazzling Diamonds, Over the Shoulder Bling Boulder Holder and Mrs. Sunffleupagus were created by local residents and auctioned off.


The festivities ended with a live and silent auction and a pie auction. The biggest winner in the pie department was a coconut cream creation that sold for $105!

Breakfast the next morning was compliments of Battle River Implements with the cooking done by the local Lions Club. Our lunch was compliments of the Killam Subway. Yum!

It would be hard to get “pinker” or more enthusiastic than this bunch!


5 thoughts on “Dateline August 26: Bejeweled Bedazzled and Beguiled in Killam

  1. Everyone here at Killam had a wonderful time with your group. Rest assured we had as much fun as you did showing off our wild pink community spirit. As granny Clampett would say, “Y’all come back now, ya hear!”


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