Dateline August 27, 2012: Prairie Perfect Daysland

It was another perfect day in paradise: blue skies, a ton o’sun and soft breezes to keep us cool. As I wrote in an earlier post we had a visit from the bikini babes, so you know it was hot out, too. It was picture perfect.

Now, our understanding was that there wasn’t going to be “much” happening in Daysland. Boy, were we hoodwinked!

We were met at the edge of town by a pinkified golf cart that led us to the community hall. We had an hour to kill before parade time so we sent the riders back for their rigs and still had time to mount-up for the parade. We paraded all over town: by the hospital, by the seniors lodge and right down Main Street. There was pink everywhere: pink houses, pink trees, pink people – Pink decorations everywhere!

After the parade we got the horses and the rigs settled in the Daysland campground after which we headed into town for the community dinner (that we were told wasn’t happening *grin*). Whaddameal, and it featured probably the best potato salad I have ever had! 


After dinner Mayor Nick Saik made a speech in which he said that he really wanted to give me the Key to the Town – but he didn’t think there was a key and even if there was a key he didn’t have a hot clue where it would be. So instead, I was presented with a pink pistol – and a holster in which to keep it!

Next up – a movie at the local theatre – the only theatre in these parts. The show will be “The Lucky One” and “pinksters” get in free. For those who don’t want to see a movie, Daysland has arranged to bring a load of wood so we can have a bonfire.

Picture perfect on the Prairies = Daysland.


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