Dateline August 28: Mammograms and memories in Viking

When we rolled into town my team and I felt right at home. The first thing we saw was Viking’s Troll Park. That made me smile and my Troll’s ears’ perk up. From there we paraded down Main Street behind the local RCMP who were followed by a golf cart carrying Viking’s Mayor, followed by me and my team. Our numbers are starting to climb now so we were a fairly impressive parade.

We camped at the local Ag centre. We had pens and city water. Life is good.

Dinner in Viking was a private affair; just us and the local dignitaries. We had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings! What a treat! Dinner was followed by various organizations presenting their fundraising totals to us. At the end of that part of the evening it was my turn and I thanked them warmly.

Dinner was followed by coffee and a wide assortment of desserts in a beautiful little building that belongs, I think, to the Lions Club. It has an elk horn chandelier and a nifty elk horn chair! The locals were invited to come and visit with our riders.

When I walked in, one of the locals looked at me and said, “I’ve met you somewhere.” She didn’t look familiar to me. Twenty minutes later she asked me if I had ever been to the Cross Cancer Institute. It was at that point that I recognized her. She was the woman who sat next to me as we waited for the results of our mammograms last June.
As the evening wound down our bonfire wound up. New/old riders (from last year) had arrived in camp and this called for a reunion party! Rusty got hit with a “tired stick” and wandered off to bed at 10:00. Somebody hit me with the same stick around midnight and I was gone. I think the party went until about 3:00. This morning I gave Peggy (one of the new/old riders who pulled into camp) the “Bat Shit Crazy” award because she had already driven over 900 kilometers and still partied till 3:00!

Up and at ’em riders! Breakfast was at 8:00 and we are on the road to Holden at 9:15!


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