Thanks for the memories

Ask any rider and they will tell you that riding with Wild Pink Yonder is a blast!

Riders get up in the morning, have breakfast, saddle up and then ride. There are always vehicles in front and behind them keeping them safe from traffic. They stop for lunch wherever they want and it’s always a fabulous affair: not just a sandwich – they enjoy sandwiches and cookies and granola bars and fruit and juice boxes. And when the day winds down, the barn and the bathrooms are there, ready-and-waiting for them. How does all this happen?

Hats off to every Wild Pink Volunteer who has made meals, driven truck, set up camp, built electric fence, cleaned bathrooms, disposed of road apples and every other minute detail that makes the ride so easy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Savala Rose, John Munce, Karen Carrier, Barkley Carrier, Nathan Carrier, Jackie Dewayne, Kenny McGinnis, Raelene van Riper a every volunteer in very town we visited who made our stay so sweet.
Without you the show could not go on.

Thank you, thank you , thank you. *HUG*


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