We’ve crunched the towns’ numbers, and we have a PINKEST LITTLE TOWN IN THE WEST 2012!

You know that old, old, OLD song about an “itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini”?  Well, we don’t have a bikini but we DO have an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, PINK community with a GIGANTIC pink heart as our winner!

Yep, you guessed it!  RICHDALE is the PINKEST LITTLE TOWN IN THE WEST 2012!

For those of you who were there, I doubt this comes as any surprise.  For the rest of you … you really ought to have been there!  What a hoot!  What a great and creative job they did of pinkification.  (We’ve never had a pink combine before.  Never had pink champagne in a pink “drawing room” for our judges to languish in while they deliberated either.  And I absolutely loved the lettering they did on the outside wall of their hall — they found a word related to breast cancer for every letter in the words “Wild Pink Yonder”.  That was very touching.)

For those who’d like to see the stats, they work like this.  Every town’s population was confirmed and the amount of money the town raised was divided by their population to come up with an amount per capita for that town.  Then the numbers assigned by the Pinkification Judges were added to that to get the aggregate number.  Here are the statistics:

  • Richdale       Per capita:  $4,049.87     Pinkification:  31.9            Total score:  4,081.77
  • Killam          Per capita:     $31.76      Pinkification:  32.3            Total score:       64.06
  • Veteran        Per capita:     $14.28      Pinkification:  19.3            Total score:       33.58
  • Ryley           Per capita:      $9.27       Pinkification:  23.8            Total score:      33.07
  • Daysland      Per capita:      $7.14       Pinkification:  25.5            Total score:       32.64
  • Sedgewick    Per capita:      $3.42       Pinkification:  28.6            Total score:      32.02
  • Viking          Per capita:      $5.31       Pinkification:  24.51          Total score:      24.51
  • Czar            Per capita:      $1.94       Pinkification:   20.8           Total score:      22.74
  • Wainwright   Per capita:      $0.42       Pinkification:   20.5           Total score:       20.92
  • Coronation   Per capita:       $0.17       Pinkification:   20.1           Total score:       20.27

As you can see, after Richdale and Killam, the race was pretty tight!  Sedgewick and Ryley got good Pinkification marks, for sure.

Richdale’s next meeting is in early October, so we’ll find out when they’d like to have their party then.  Will it be in Richdale?  Or will they move it to Hanna where there’s more room for more partiers?  Only time will tell!

We love you Richdale!  We really, really do!  (We love ALL our towns, but Richdale has marked out its own special place in our hearts — and will soon have big, beautiful highway signs to mark the occasion!)


6 thoughts on “We’ve crunched the towns’ numbers, and we have a PINKEST LITTLE TOWN IN THE WEST 2012!

  1. Congratulations to Richdale on their win as Pinkest Little Town! Could you share some of your fundraising secrets with us? We have a hospital long term care renovation here in Killam and we have to fundraise for the furnishings. We would love to know how you did it!


    • Thank you Kari. As far as our fundraising ideas – we had many: We held two Texas Holdem Card Parties with 50% of the proceeds going to the winner & 50% going to Wild Pink Yonder / We cleaned ditches with Alberta Transportation this spring / Community members got together and built a beautiful denim breast cancer quilt and sold tickets (this quilt raised us over $5,000 alone)/ we held a bottle drive / as well we picked up bottles weekly at our local park. This is most of our fundraising ideas. Everyone worked very hard and to say the least, most are now quite exhausted. But it was well worth it – as it is for a great cause.


      • Thanks Shirley. We’ve used many of those same or similar methods to fundraise from time to time. I find it’s all about good advertising and building up excitement to get people involved as to how successful things are. Great job on your part for sure!


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