Welsh’s Saddlery & Western Wear and WPY are proud to announce the 2012 TOP FUNDRAISER!

We’d never had guessed that she could have done it.  After all, she only decided to sign up on June 29th … and she lives on a working ranch, so she isn’t flitting around getting sponsors very easily.  She’s too busy out checking cattle on her horse!  Riding tractor seeding crops!  Doing all the other things it takes to keep a country place going!  But she did it!  (She credits a lot of family and family friends.)

Ev Munce — our most senior rider ever, and a Longrider to boot — raised an incredible $11,804 for breast cancer research!  We are boggled!  Astonished!  Overwhelmed!

And she’s such an unpretentious, unassuming gal.  But now she’s going to have to step into the limelight to receive her beautiful new $2,500 saddle and tack from Welsh’s Saddlery & Western Wear and Wild Pink Yonder.  We’ll be arranging to do this soon, likely at a Welsh’s store, and hopefully with some media there to cover it.

Ev, we thank you VERY much for your fundraising efforts, and for being such a great addition to the team this year!

This is the saddle and tack that Ev has won for her efforts.

Ev was a Steady Eddy from day one right through ’til Trail’s End. She was a pleasure to have on the Wild Pink team.


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