Welsh’s Saddlery & Western Wear and WPY had a draw for a $2,500 saddle and tack prize!

For every $100 a rider raised, their name went into the hat once.  Up for grabs?  This!

Saddle, breast collar, bridle, reins and saddle pad.

The same prize as the one for top fundraiser.  The whole idea was to encourage riders to not stop when they reached their minimum ($200) daily fundraising requirement.  It worked!  A lot of riders raised a lot of money for breast cancer research this summer!

But who’s the winner?  Well, she’s a new Pinkster.  2012 was her first year.  She’s a gung-ho kind of gal and I’m positive we’ll have her (and her mother … and her friends) back again next year and for years to come.  As you can see from this picture, she’s a bit of a cut-up … but we like that in a Pinkster!

I copped this photo from her Facebook page. I think it was taken at her wedding a year ago when she actually thought she’d get married on a Saturday and then join us two days later! Saner minds prevailed and she waited a year before leaving her man to go riding with us!

She is Amber Roberts … yes, the same Amber Roberts who won the Amber Marshall artwork competition earlier this year!  Speaking of being a cut-up, she had many of us laughing uncontrollably when she tied one of those green Evergreen car air fresheners to the base of her horse’s tail!  *giggle.  snort.*

Amber, we will be arranging a time when it is convenient for you, Ev, Welsh’s and us to get together to hand over the loot.  Happy trails.

Yeah … this is more the Amber I’ve come to know!



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