The Wild Pink Year coming up.

I’ve heard tell of mosquitos the size of helicopters in the Peace Country.  (Mind you, I’ve heard that about many, many places — and not all of them Canadian even.)  So I started wondering about that, which sent me off to Environment Canada, and look what I found!


So, if Environment Canada has it right, there won’t be any puddles around for mosquitos to breed in, and there won’t be any left over eggs in water to hatch!  That should help.

And then I started wondering what the weather might be like when we’re riding.  We sure don’t want another Tilley day, if we can avoid it!  Man, we got wet!  And again, it’s looking good.  They’re predicting a hot summer across the board!


That may not bode well for crops in the Peace Country, but it sure looks good for us!


2 thoughts on “The Wild Pink Year coming up.

  1. Well, the crops are looking fabulous, there are a few puddles for the skeeters, and we are hoping for beautiful weather when you all come to Wanham on the 17th. Wanham can’t wait for the trail ride to come to our town, you will love the Peace Country!


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