I Want to Tell You About Peggy Steffen

She is one of our Longriders this year (and was a Longrider a couple of years ago as well).  She’s jazzed that this year we’re taking our tour up through Peace Country where she lives.  (Well, actually, she’s even more north than we’re going, but we’re sort of in the ‘hood.)

What’s really interesting about our Peggy (other than she’s terrific and a great horsewoman) is the things she’s doing to raise her $4,600 needed to ride the whole tour.  The most notable is that a friend of hers owns some kind of ag supply place and is giving Peggy bagged shavings to sell!  Because the shavings are free to her, Peggy can sell them at a better price than anyone can purchase them retail.  So everybody wins!  If you’d like to buy shavings from her, please look her up (or contact me and I’ll put you in touch).

Another thing Peggy is doing is selling the absolutely coolest cinches!  Regular string western cinches with a beautiful pink twist!  Breast cancer ribbons!  I don’t know what her price is, but again, if you’re interested, please contact Peggy.  I’ve shared her cinches on the Wild Pink Yonder Facebook page … or to go direct try her Facebook addy:    https://www.facebook.com/peggy.lantisteffen?fref=ts










So … do you have something like this that you’d like to share with the Pinksters?  Drop me a line and I’ll post for you.


2 thoughts on “I Want to Tell You About Peggy Steffen

  1. Just a correction! I had this cinch handmade for me to raffle off. If you would like a ticket please contact me to purchase. You can email me at psteffen2012@gmail.com and we can make arrangements for purchase. All monies from my ride go to the Alberta Cancer Foundation for research for a cure for breast cancer. Thank you.


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