DATELINE: August 10 – Still Hythe


Up at 6:30 – everybody doing horse stuff – then the pink bus picked us up at 8:00 to go for breakfast – and the Hythians did it again!  There were three different Impossible Breakfast Pies, some delicious sausages and more of their fantastic barbecued beef.  So after a beautiful breakfast, they took us back to camp, then they took the Pinkification Judges on a tour – Hythians really rocked it!!

We were late getting on the trail (surprise!) but who cares when you are heading out with three covered wagons and a cart? But headed off into a beautiful clear sky, sunshiny day with a temperature maxing at 27.


I hitched the rocket team (Buck and Troll) and Buck was being a bit of a jerk; couldn’t figure out why at first, but he did settle down. Three miles later, I found out why – Bucky Boy went lame.  I kept him on the pole till lunchtime but he was a hurtin’ unit so when we stopped for lunch, we tore down my wagon and moved the boys ahead to Beaverlodge.

Interesting day, this one!  After my team went lame and I left, apparently Trevor’s horse and Michelle’s horse decided it was rodeo time. Trevor ate dirt twice. Michelle once. But they cowboy’d and are back in the saddle.

Shortly after that, Rusty was multitasking and missed one. Unfortunately the one he missed was the corner and he put the cargo trailer in the ditch; Very nearly slipped it! Had to call AMA – that’s an ongoing thing as I write this.

In the ditch Hythe

So here we are with me driving point with Pinky’s Dry Good Store and Elisa bringing up the rear with the Sooner stock trailer.  We’ve arrived in Beaverlodge now. The Mayor was waiting for us at the edge of town to take us on a tour of the South Peace Museum and then off to another fabulous dinner.

Oh what a tough life!


One thought on “DATELINE: August 10 – Still Hythe

  1. Hi Jane – sounds exciting – sorry I’m not there. My parents lived at Hythr for nearly 30 years and Monica and her family were neighbors and wonderful friends to my folks and the family!!! Safe travels pinksters! Fern

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