Winnie, Bruce and the Mennonite Women

Three interesting stories came out when we were in Hythe. 

The first was about Winnie Scobie, the nicest l’il old lady you’d ever want to meet. Apparently she’s been helping like mad with all things “pink” in Hythe.  Winnie is 87 years young and rode until last year. Her’s is an Arab cross who is now 26 years young. Go Winnie!

Our second story is about Bruce McAllister. Monica Shaw told me about Bruce. You see, Bruce has MS and has been quite depressed about it. Monica asked him to help in the pinkification of Hythe and as it turned out, Monica says Bruce has been a whirlwind of activity and she’s never seen him happier. Thank you Bruce!  Wild Pink Yonder loves ya!

Our last story is about the Mennonite population in the area; apparently it is quite large and very conservative.  Talking about “boobies” is just not done in their culture but once Hythe began gearing up for Wild Pink Yonder, someone spoke to the Mennonite elders and pointed out that Mennonite women get breast cancer, too.  Once it became known that Hythe was pinkifying, the Alberta Cancer Foundation sent their mammogram trailer to Hythe and their day here was the busiest single day that their trailer ever had.  And the majority of the women were . . . you guessed it, from the Mennonite community.


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