Dateline: Sexsmith AB

Today was, without a doubt, the *best* day I’ve ever had on The Pink Trail. I was over the moon! We had 38 riders and 6 wagons/carts! We’ve never been that big (or that impressive) before!

As we drove through the magnificent northern Alberta countryside, I’d look back and there was this sea of pink behind me! It was breathtaking … and so gratifying. If only we could have that many riders every day! (Mind you, if we did, I would probably wind up in the loonie bin. It would be an incredible amount of work.)

So there we were: a perfect day in every way. The weather was perfect. The countryside was perfect. The riders and horses were perfect. And to top it all off, just as we were turning into Sexsmith, we watched a two-year-old bull moose run stately across someone’s field and away from the horses.

Once we were in town, man! We were an awesome sight! Thirty eight horsemen all riding three abreast with two horse lengths between waves … and wagons drawn by everything from my two little Fjordhorses to a four up of beautiful grey Percherons.

Once we were settled in, the festivities began. What a GREAT event it was! A dinner of chicken, salads and buns in the park … until so many people showed up that they ran out of chicken … so they ran out and bought up every hamburger patty they could find and sold that … until they ran out … so they went and bought up every hot dog and smokie they could find and sold taht until they ran out again! Everybody and their dog showed up!

There was a stage made from a truck trailer and a very talented band with an equally talented female vocalist.

We had a terrific time … and I think every Sexsmithian Sexsmithite? Sexsmithonian?) did too! Perfect weather. Perfect entertainment. A perfectly wonderful time for everyone concerned.


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