Dateline: August 18 — Fairview AB

Hmmmm … well, we’re not all that fond of the *town* of Fairview. (They really dropped the ball.) But a bunch of people from the area picked the ball up and ran with it. It was late in the game, but they worked things out.

A truly wonderful man named Harold stepped up. Harold looks after something like 2,500 cattle in the area, so he knows the hills and dales. It is he who took our riders on a beautiful ride alone the side of the Peace River today. And when the day was done, he, his wife and his son (and the son’s wife) joined us for dinner and regaled us with all sorts of interesting cowboy stories of mishaps and mayhem. Turns out Harold is a very accomplished story teller!

Tomorrow morning the riders will hit the trails again before we head off to Grimshaw for an evening of cocktails at 5:30, followed by dinner and some very well known entertainment from the area.

So right now, I’m caught up on my blogging, and we’re sitting in the middle of a beautiful field, in bear country, enjoying nature at its best. Full moon tonight. Looked good over the forest.


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