Dateline: August Something-or-other — Rycroft AB

Rycroft started off as a “non-performer” on the Pink Tour … until Cindy Campbell got wind of it. What a trooper! What an amazing person she is. I’m not going to say she pulled Rycroft together singlehandedly, but she most certainly was the driving force that got the momentum going: momentum that spread from Rycroft to include Spirit River as well.

Our first day there we rode from Rycroft down some beautiful back roads that were so small that they weren’t even gravelled. That’s perfect riding for us! Dirt roads and no traffic … through beautiful rolling land that is incredibly rich. (They tell us that the soil there is Canada #1, and it’s 2 meters deep! Between that and their extended hours of sunlight in the summer, it’s no wonder they grow such incredible crops up here.)

So anyway, off we went on these incredible backroads to Spirit River where they ran a fundraiser down Main Street. “Horse time” is nothing like “car time”. It’s completely unpredictable, so unfortunately we didn’t get there in time to *see* the fundraiser. What they did, though, was sell ping pong balls to people with the idea that they *throw* them down the street to see which one crosses the finish line first! (Downtown Spirit River is built on a hill, so it was a downhill throw.) The winner got one quarter of the pot raised. Wild Pink Yonder got the other three quarters of it! What an inventive idea! (They say it was so successful that they’ll use it again for other fundraisers.)

We stopped there at the ATB for watermelon and juice before trailering up and heading back to Rycroft for *their* festivities.

Bless Cindy’s heart, Rycroft hosted us for dinner for two nights in a row. That first night was a lovely, laid back evening with a farmers’ market, dinner and a chance to visit with folks.

Cindy was right: we needed a chance to catch our collective breath after all the days of riding and partying! This was a pefect respite. Thank you, Cindy, and everybody else in Rycroft.


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