Sometimes the most incredible things happen …

right in the middle of nowhere!

So we pulled into this field about 10-20 km from Fairview. We’re not expecting anything from anyone. And then this woman came up to me and gave me a most beautiful gift! It was a cheque for $3,400! Who comes to a field in the middle of nowhere to deliver a big cheque like that?

As it turns out, this group is called Pomeroy’s Black Gold Barrel Racing, and their founders are Dallas and Garry Schwerdt. They draw 280 horses from across western Canada for their barrel racing event! Riders come from Surrey BC, for cryin’ out loud! 280 horses! This year the furthest came from 14 hours away.

Why have the Schwerdts become involved with Wild Pink Yonder? Because one of Dallas’ best friends was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. Life isn’t always good and fair, but it usually brings out the best in people. We’re honoured to have you in our corner, Dallas and Garry.


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