So today’s ride is from the Ag society grounds to Grimshaw proper — about a 10 km ride — but damn, that wind is nasty! Sun’s shining, but we’ve all got gloves on and hoodies up or, in my case, pink earmuffs on!

Learned some more about driving my team from Larry Clegg, a retired chuck wagon racer. It would seem that I’ve been driving The Boyos crazy! I’ve been driving the way I ride — and I have soft hands. I hate being in a horse’s face — but apparently many driving teams (including mine) are “more comfortable” if they can feel you on the lines! Well, to *me*, that feels like I am “in their face” so I have not been doing it. When I get them pulled down to a walk, I ease off the lines, which to *them* says, “pick up the pace”! My poor Boyos! They must have been wondering if I was *ever* going to just let them walk in peace! And on *my* end, I couldn’t figure out how to get this team to just chill! (They also stand much nicer when I am “in their faces”. YAY! Though I *do* feel mean being in their mouths like that.)

So any-hoo, off we went and paraded down Main Street in Grimshaw. It was too windy for us to have had much of an audience, but we were there!

Then back to camp for a quiet evening “at home”. We dropped by Johnny’s Sausage and Meats in Grimshaw and bought some *awesome* pork chops for dinner, then stopped in and invited Joan and Daryl Billings (the co-operators, remember? *grin*) to dinner. When they arrived, they came bearing gifts from Johnny’s Sausage and Meats. It seems Johnny’s thought we should have a box of their most excellent smoked bacon. yum!

Great eats, great company and an early night. We all needed that!

Good bye, Grimshaw. We will be back!


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