Dateline: August 19 — still Fairview — double trouble!

The riders had such a great ride yesterday with the Milne family — thank you sooooooooooo much, Milnes — (and we weren’t on a schedule) so we opted for them taking a second ride down along the Peace River. After a lovely breakfast in the high meadow, off they went.

About an hour later … Back they came … Less one rider! It seems Joanne’s horse decided to lunge up a hill … And at the top he made some kind of little buck/spook/oops! And off Joanne went. She landed hard and we thought she might have a broken arm so we bundled her up and sent her to the Fairview health centre … Where they x-rayed and discovered *two* breaks — one to her arm, the other to her collar bone! So poor (tough) Joanne was sent via ambulance to Grande Prairie for surgery.

From there she was going home in style — in an ambulance. We know she enjoyed her time with us. I hope this doesn’t dampen her pink spirit!

And so, having done what we could for Joanne, off we went, heading for Grimshaw. I don’t remember how far we’d gone, but — kablam? — the Cleggs blew a tire on their stock trailer! This day was jinxed!

Fortunately, Larry Clegg is an old hand at this kind of thing, so it wasn’t too long and we were on the trail again.

We arrived in Grimshaw with lots of time for folks to put their horses in the ample, beautiful pipe pens, feed ’em and get gussied up for dinner (and dance).

What a great event Joan and Daryl Billings from the Co-operators, along with veterinarian Penny Steffen, put on! The food was to die for, the live band was excellent and everybody who *could* dance did — including Kelli (who apparently never learned how to follow. *grin*). And it sure didn’t hurt that the Village of Berwyn sent along a cheque for $500! Thanks, Berwyn. You are appreciated!


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