Dateline: August 24 — High Prairie

Gotta love High Prairie! First off, they wouldn’t let us drive throught town beforehand (to drop off excess horses) because they didn’t want us to see the decorations. Then they did some really interestingly different stuff!

We rode into town from the south, came across Main Street and continued on down to the rodeo grounds. There we had ample pens with lots of grass in each, and lots of hay provided for our horses as well.

We were given time to settle the horses, then off we went on a scavenger hunt that took us into most of the businesses downtown. From there we went on a tour of the town, seeing the pink sights and letting our Pinkification Judges have a gander. After that we had time for showers before going to dinner and an outdoor movie!

Dinner was likely the best we’ve had so far. Roast beef, all kinds of great salads and baked potatoes.

Ha ha ha ha! I guess I was tired when I wrote last night. I didn’t finish the post! *grin* So after dinner, we all went and got lawn chairs, “coffees” and blankets … and off to the movie we went. What a treat it is to gather with a bunch of nice people, sit down outside (beautiful night) and watch a movie together! It is something I think small towns ought to consider doing on a regular basis.

In High Prairie, like in so many other small towns we’ve visited, the reception was much the same. *They* were thanking *us* for coming to town! I don’t suppose I’ll ever get used to that. They do all the work! They raise all the money! All we do is show up and enjoy it all … and they thank us for it! But I’ve come to understand why they are so appreciative. It seems Wild Pink Yonder (or maybe just the colour pink?) brings out the best in their citizenry. People who’d never met before start working on fundraising, decorating and planning a party together. Next thing you know, the sense of community starts to flourish and grow, and they love it.

I hope this wonderful cameraderie is something that will continue to grow … until we return in a few years to do this all over again. Thank you for a lovely time, High Prairie. We love you.


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