We had a couple of “senior moments” yesterday …

When we left Donnelly, we had to pass right through McLennan and the supervisor at the Seniors’ Lodge there asked if we could come and stop by for a few minutes to talk to their residents. We went one better. The seniors met us out in front of their lodge, so we opened the trailer and brought the two top Wild Pink Yonder ambassadors out. Bror and Troll walked calmly over for a visit.

The seniors were appreciative … especially one little woman who was obviously a horse nut from way back. She must be diabetic, as she has lost both her legs … one from the thigh down, the other from the knee … but she was enthralled with The Boyos and could not keep her hands off the beautiful Troll. For his part, Trollie got a little too friendly and wound up with her fingers between his teeth at one point. You could have had my heart for a nickel! But thank God Trollie is a good and kind horse, so he hung on for two seconds and then calmly released them! Then the two of them (horse and old woman) went on with their love-in. It was wonderful to watch. In the end, she somehow wound up with one single hair from his tail on her lap. She was holding it carefully, saying that she’d keep it forever. I went to Troll’s tail, pulled a few more blonde hairs and a couple of black ones, and gave them to her. She said they would go in her scrapbook.

Then, onward to High Prairie where we went for a visit with more seniors. This time we went into their lodge where they’d set a table with a beautiful tea service for us … but it was very close to dinner time and the seniors don’t like to vary their schedule much *grin* so we spread out and every rider took a different table. We visited for about twenty minutes, telling them of our event and listening to them talk about their lives, many of which included farming with draft horses oh so many years ago.

Those are the feel-good moments because it is so gratifying to bring a ray of sunshine into their lives.


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