Dateline: August 11th — Wembley

Wow! It was wild in Wembley, I’ll tell you! We only had a short ride into town, but it was on pavement with an RCMP escort, so we really didn’t mind. All the Wembley kids were out waiting for us at the edge of town. Each had pinkified his or her bicycle to the nines! Pink bikes and pink kids. Lots of pink kids … and one little itty bitty guy who couldn’t really ride his bike (yet), but he was there (with Mom to hold him upright). Eventually Mom gave up and took him off his bike because he could NOT take his eyes off the horses, and we were all BEHIND him … so he wasn’t watching where e was going at all. Once off the bike, he didn’t fare much better as he ws walking sort of half turned around so he could look at horses. His poor mother had a newborn on her back, his bike in front of her and this little guy to keep moving!

We were escorted to a lovely grassy area where we camped for the night. Once horses were put away, off we went for dinner. As we came around a little hill in the school yard, what did we discover? How very inventive of them! Wembley used the “redneck hot tub” idea (square bales used as walls with a black tarp liner to hold water), but changed it up to have a water slide that came down the hill and dumped folks (mostly kids) in the pool! It became known locally as the “PINKneck Pool”! I don’t know how long it was there, but obviously it was for more than just the day we rode in! I think it was one of their fundraiser ideas.

So off to dinner. WOW! We entered their facility to find ourselves in a very large, darkened room with multiple eight to ten foot trees made from little L.E.D. lights around the walls, a long buffet table at the back of the room and a stage at the front. Before the evening was done, we had dinner, some speechifying and cheque presenting, a lovely publicly spoken (and written) thank you for what we’re doing from an eight year old girl whose mother is nearly finished chemo and radiation for breast cancer, some great original tunes by a young man who wants a future in country music … and belly dancers! Yeah, she came over to our table and wanted ME to get up and shimmy with her! I pointed at Rusty, and away they went. (I don’t think Rusty has a future in that field!)

All I have to say is … WOW, Wembley! Thanks for the memories!


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