Dateline: August 12 – Grande Prairie

I do believe that this group of people has well earned the title of “Pinkest Little Barn in the West”!

We trailered up and hauled into Grande Prairie (from Wembley) where the riders were taken for a four hour ride on the best trails in the Grande Prairie region. They loved it (and Trevor fell off his horse again) … and I got to stay on the ground and do a whack of “housekeeping” cores.

For the evening’s festivities, Evergreen Park, Grande Prairie Gymkhana Club and the local heavy horse club all pitched in to give us a *fabulous* evening — complete with *steak* dinner and all the trimmings. They had the local drama club put on a skit, a local cowboy poet do some readings, a silent auction, a live auction (where our own Peggy bought two tickets anywhere WestJet flies for about $3,000 … and a wet bar. What an evening!

A shout out goes to Leanne Martin who was, I think, instrumental in setting all this up. Leanne was one of four riders we hosted on last year’s ride. They were an absolute *scream*. Loved them to death … and really wish they were riding with us again this year. Maybe next year, Leanne? You *and* the other three crazy ladies? Please?


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