Dateline: August 13 – Clairmont

It’s hard to call Clairmont a town, really. It’s a bedroom community to Grande Prairie, but it looks more industrial to me. In any event, if was a very quiet stop for us, and maybe that was what we needed.

We need to give a shout out to new riders, Maureen Durda and her husband, Don. They live on an acreage in Clairmont and they took riders’ dirty laundry home with them and washed it! They took our super volunteer, Elisa (from Washington state) home with them too, so she could sleep in a real bed for a change. When they returned with the clean laundry, they arrived with fresh hay and water for the horses too. This is the first year they’ve ridden with us, but they sear that it will not be the last. (I love it when riders really enjoy the Pink Experience!)

I wasn’t too involved with the day as I had “domestic chores” to accomplish … electrical wiring needed fixing so I’d have tail lights and four-way flashers … my Onan generator that was supposedly fixed in Edmonton quit again … and we had grocery shopping to get done, so I spent the day running back and forth around Grande Prairie.

Can’t say I’m overly impressed with “Happy Trails RV”. They supposedly fixed my electrical one day, and I had to go back the next because they made the problem worse than it was in the first place! The second fix was no better, and I paid nearly $300 for the non-benefit!

On the other hand, my experience with Cummins Western Canada was stellar. Both the Service Manager (my new friend, Les George) and the General Manager (Steve Ermantrout) were fantastic. Not only did they drop everything to get me back on The Pink Trail, but when the dust settled and the bill came to $450, I asked if they might hae a discount for not-for-profits. Do they? Do they ever! They wrote my bill off completely! I’d give them both a big kiss if I could catch ’em, but I expect they’ve both dodged faster women than me! *grin* Not only were the guys in Grande Prairie excellent, but the next morning I got a phone call from *London* (as in “across the big pond” type London) checking to see if the service was as good as I expected and if the final bill was the same as, or lower than, the price quoted. Needless to say, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best, they rated at *last* a fifteen from me! Cummins Western Canada rocks big time!

So while I ran around doing domestics, our riders had a nice, leisurely day. They only rode about 10 km, but they got to see a cute little mini town one of the locals has built on his property. A mini town with mini animals all around. Apparently there were mini mules, so it was no surprise to hear that the riders wanted to take the mini mules with them when they left! (Would a pair of mini mules with long pink ears make a good mascot for our motley crew?)


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