Dateline: August 29th — Legal

Whoa, Nellie! You really ought to have been in Legal on August 29th. Those people are crazy! (Very inventive, very much fun, and very into getting their citizens involved in things.) When we arrived, I was a little skeptical. Downtown Legal is on a hill. A down hill. They told me of their plan: to turn on the fire hydrants (!!!), throw thousands of little pink rubber duckies in the water (!!!) and encourage kids along the route (there were hundreds of kids) to kick any duck that got stuck back into the water so it could race to the bottom in order to declare a winner. (Duckies were sold. Winner takes half the pot.)

My worries were unfounded. No horse had a problem with either the water, the duckies or the kids. I have to tell you, that fundraiser will go down in Wild Pink history! Never seen anything like it before.

Once we were paraded out, we went to our campsite. Perfect! Our horses were behind electric fencing, but it was inside a chain link fence that outlined their baseball diamond, so none of us felt compelled to stay back and horse sit. Everything was safe for the night.

And what a night! Thanks to head organizers Carol Tremblay and Kareen Tucci, dinner was wonderful, and then Elvis came to town … along with Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gale and Patsy Kline! The music went on ’til fairly late. We loved every minute of it.

Next morning, we had a quiet breakfast with the seniors from the Legal Lodge. Before leaving town, we went to their town bulletin board where we added our thoughts to their memorial poster.

Au revoir, Legal. Nous vous aimons … et nous reviendrons.




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