Dateline: August 30th — Ft Saskatchewan

Normally we would not even consider going to some place as big as Ft Saskatchewan, but we were convinced to try something new. Could we turn a larger centre into something notably PINK?

Well, if our first year is any indication, we have our work cut out for us! But I’ve never shied away from work … and besides, the first year is always just a starting point, isn’t it? Call me crazy, but I’m not worried. What we did accomplish is to get both the mayor of Ft Saskatchewan (Gale Katchur )and the local MLA (Jacquie Fenske) on-board! They are both interested in turning this last day on the trail into something special! Mayor Katchur wants a big parade. Me too! MLA Fenske wants an educational component that will enhance Ft Saskatchewan’s museum. Great idea! I have some interesting thoughts on that! (If you have some thoughts, please bring them to me! The more the merrier!)

So we hauled in and unloaded beside the old, abandoned jail, saddled/harnessed up and rode over to the museum where we did a little speechifying and then off we went with Mayor Katchur aboard my wagon. What a beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL river road they have! I was enchanted. I think the rest of the riders were as well. Who knew there was such a lovely little gem of a road right there in town? And who knew that the North Saskatchewan river could be so broad in some places and so narrow in others?

We were supposed to go back up the way we came down to this wonderful little road, but Mayor Katchur wanted otherwise, and who am I to argue with the mayor? If the cops were going to get mad, they could get mad at her, not me! *grin* (Needless to say, they didn’t make a peep.) So we went for a spin down a couple of side roads, past the seniors’ centre and then back to the museum.

At the museum we had mid-afternoon hamburgers and chilled for a while before setting our sights on WELCA.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, Madam Mayor. We will be in touch!


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