What should we put on our CFR t-shirts?

So here’s the thing: nobody is interested in purchasing a Wild Pink Yonder t-shirt unless they are already Pinksters, so selling Wild Pink Yonder t-shirts at CFR doesn’t cut it. I want to add to the t-shirts we already have, but I’m wondering if any of you have some better ideas than mine … or which of my designs you think we ought to get printed.

Here’s what I’ve got.
Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

So now … please vote … or give me some other inspirations.



7 thoughts on “What should we put on our CFR t-shirts?

  1. Hi Jane – I like #1 cowgirl up …. Or go sit I’m the truck! Unfortunately I won’t be at the CFR but would love a tee shirt – I’ll send you the money -$20??? Thanks!!

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  2. So far, number 1 is leading the way (*ahem* with nobody offering up any alternative sayings!) … and it occurs to me that it might look better if the woman’s lips and earring were pink, and maybe a pink ribbon on her hat? Thoughts?


  3. Jane – what about making the ‘P’ in ‘up’ a pink ribbon instead of the letter?? I like the idea of her lips and earring being pink too


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