Drum Roll Please: The 2014 Pink Trail will be …

Lloydminster to Edmonton via both arms of the historic (and beautiful) Iron Horse Trail. We’ve been threatened with a fabulous Fandango in Lloydminster on August 8th, and then we’ll hit the trails on August 9th, riding for 21 days to get to Edmonton, then spend two days at WELCA in Edmonton’s celebrated river valley.

The Iron Horse Trail follows the abandoned CN railing for 300 km. It passes through a wide variety of ecological settings that have remained relatively untouched since the early 1990’s. You will notice that the plants and wildlife change as you travel through parkland, agricultural land, boreal forest and natural wetlands. Wildlife sightings are frequent and the trail offers up endless bird watching opportunities.

So all you folks who don’t like to do much trailering, this trail’s for you! For all you riders who don’t think you want to ride range roads, this trail’s for you!  And if you’re a teamster, you’re going to love this too.

We will be setting up a different registration system this year. Instead of snail mailing things to us, you will have the option of registering on-line through Alberta Cancer Foundation. ACF is hoping to have the new website up and running for us by Christmas. (Mind you, if you’d rather, you can still mail in your registration.)

So now, let the fundraising begin, because you’re not going to want to miss this tour!


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