Winner update

When I posted yesterday about Stacy Whalen’s win in the Most Money Raised competition, I knew she was the winner, but I could not get into my computer.  (I am updating its operating system, and every possible glitch that could happen, has.)  So now I have the complete stats on the Most Money Raised.

#1.  Stacy Whalen and her Arabian gelding, Sultan:  $6,511

Stacy and Sultan, her Arabian gelding

Stacy and Sultan, her Arabian gelding

2.  Peggy Steffen and her gelding, Rio (a beautiful “mutt” that Peggy could have sold five times on the trail this year):  $5,290

Horse bra


3.  Wanda Ladaroute and her American Paint gelding, Tremclad:  $3,265



Is Tremclad not the best name for a horse with that much splash?  *grin*

Ladies, Wild Pink Yonder and Alberta Cancer Foundation salute you.  It was work well done … and an inspiration for all those who think it’s not possible to raise $200/day!  I still can’t get into my computer, but I’m pretty sure that Wanda was only with us for five days.  That’s $653/day!  Woot!  Woot!  *high five-ing Wanda*

When we all work this hard for a cure for breast cancer, that cure cannot remain elusive much longer!

Iron Horse Trail … here we come!


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