The 2014 Route is Set and the Map is Posted

If you’ve been wondering what our route would be in 2014, you can see it now.  Go here and click on “Map”.

We will be starting in Lloydminster.  Expect great things there.  Our own Amber Roberts-Moore will be working all spring on it.  The plan (so far) is for some kind of horse games (a horsemanship challenge maybe?) during the day, and then a Fandango.  Not sure what the Fandango will look like yet, but we have some ideas.  This will all be at the ag centre in Lloydminster on Friday, August 8th.

We’ve decided to change things up a bit.  No more range road riding!  What we’ll do is trailer up and drive to the next town, then have that town take us on a 4-5 hour off-road ride to show off the best features around their town … like we did at Crowsnest Pass, at Waterton Lakes, at Cypress Hills, at Richdale, Grande Prairie, Peace River and a few other towns I can’t remember at the moment.

This year, we’ll also be riding The Iron Horse Trail!  That will be exciting!  In this scenario we do get to ride from town to town, but all of it will be off-road along an abandoned railway line that follows the river, goes by little lakes and through all kinds of different terrain.  It will be an adventure, for sure!

Once we reach the end of the Iron Horse, we’ll visit a few other towns, notably Fort Saskatchewan.  “The Fort” wants us to make them our last riding day every year from now on, and they’re willing to put on an old country fair that will raise more funds for us and give a festive air to our visit.  I’ve already started meetings with them to get things going.

Our final destination will be WELCA again.  The agreement is that this will be it every year.  We will again do our now signature ride up the hill, out through Belgravia neighbourhood and over to the Cross Cancer Institute where we will, again, give them our flag to signify the end of another successful tour.

So … you in?


8 thoughts on “The 2014 Route is Set and the Map is Posted

    • Fran, we’re starting in Lloydminster … will get to Heinzburg (south east end of Iron Horse), then ride to Abilene Junction, trailer to Ardmore (north east end of Iron Horse) and then ride to Waskatenau. From Waskatenau we will visit a few more towns (trailer in and ride the sights in the ‘hood) before arriving at Trail’s End in Edmonton.


  1. Hi Jane,
    It seems like there are at least 2 somewhat different versions of a map showing different towns, and I’m not sure which is correct. Also, is there a day by day itinerary prepared yet? I guess you’ll let us know when.


    • Great, thank you. I’m so anxious, I can’t wait, so I am trying to get all my ducks in a row. Thanks to google maps, I can locate all the fairgrounds, etc.
      Hugs to all,


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