Have you ever wondered what a “Social Butterfly” is?

In the world of Wild Pink Yonder, a Social Butterfly is special.

A good Social Butterfly is key in making sure that the group’s days on the trail run smoothly, and that everyone has a great time.  Our first Social Butterfly set the standard, and each one since has “risen to the occasion”, showing up with some kind of wild interpretation of how a Social Butterfly ought to be dressed.  She (or he) might look something like this:


She’s organized, makes sure that all riders show up with the proper documentation, gives each his or her welcome bag and shows each new rider around camp.  She’s responsible for putting the day’s activities on the whiteboard before our morning meeting and tuning in the weather so we know the conditions we’ll be facing.  (Love all those sunny, warm with a slight breeze, days we get in August!)


She has to have a good sense of humour and be outgoing and friendly.

She might look exactly like this:


This is Peggy Steffen, our wonderful Social Butterfly 2013.  Her wings didn’t show up ’til near the end of the ride.  I nearly snorted coffee out of my nose when I first saw this vision … and I surely wished she’d been decked out with her wings throughout the ride!  I mean, how perfect is that?  *grin*

If we could, we’d twist her arm and get her back again for 2014.  Any Pinksters out there willing to help me do the twisting?  *evil little grin*



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