2014 Riders: Maureen and Don Durda

Maureen and Don Durda live at Clairmont in the Peace Country and will be riding with us August 9th ’til the 18th, then returning for the end of the ride — Ft Saskatchewan and Trail’s End at WELCA.

We love the Durdas!  Maureen rode with us for a few days last year and was a wonderful addition to the troops.  She’s happy, horse-savvy and helpful.  Her hubby wasn’t riding last year, but he came over to help when he could too.  We’re absolutely delighted to have them for longer this year.

Maureen is 51.  She has two sons, lost a daughter when she was six days old, gained one step son and one daughter-in-law and now has two grand daughters.  Maureen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.  It was in her milk duct (ductal carcinoma in situ), so they cut it out — no radiation, no chemo.  She remembers telling them as they got ready for surgery, “If it’s worse than you think, take it all.  I have small boobs and will not miss one.”  

Maureen is a teacher, but went about it in a different order than most of us would have done.  She didn’t get her degree until she was 40!  And she’s going for her masters in 2015!  She’s a strong believer that one is never too old to learn.  She teaches special education and loves every minute of her job.  She loves the students and all that they give to her.

And being as Maureen sent the information in, I have nothing on Don.  I can tell you that he’s a great guy though.  *grin*

Maureen will be riding her red roan, “Jay”, and Don will be on “Bailey”.  Maureen and Don Durda



One thought on “2014 Riders: Maureen and Don Durda

  1. Great couple!! Really enjoyed riding with them last summer.. And I know where this picture was taken. Great place to ride too.. 🙂


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