August 14: Heinsburg — The Liveliest Ghost Town in Alberta!

Oh, Pinksters!  This is going to be grand!  I just got an email from Marg Scott, a marvelous lady who lives in Heinsburg.  (Heinsburg, if you’ll recall, is where we jump on the Iron Horse Trail.)  And this is what Marg had to say:

Hello Jane, remember back in January when you visited us in Heinsburg?  We were pretty worried that a place with about 50 population could provide a decent welcome for all of you.  Well, as always, Heinsburg and area have got it together, and now we want to let you folks know what we are planning.

Welcome to Heinsburg!  Some folks will be here to say hello when you get here.  There will be water for the horses and hay waiting.  Coffee too — for the people.  Then supper in the Community Hall, for both the ride participants and interested other folks.  Free supper for all of you, and supper for others at $10 per person.  Followed by a Country Jamboree style evening in the Hall, dancing, and possibly a visit from the famous Kehewin Metis Dance group, Northern Lights Dancers.  Auction of as many items that we are able to gather between now and then.  Then in the morning, The Riverview Seniors Group will make a fine pancake breakfast for all of you, and any visitors (again, at a price for visitors).  Then we will all wave goodbye, as you begin your exciting tour of our Iron Horse Trail.  At noon, at Lindbergh, the locals and some country folks will be there to supply everyone with a hearty BBQ, then wish you luck as you head off to Elk Point for another great evening of activities.

Hope that you folks will enjoy your visit to our small community and the wonderful days you will spend along the Iron Horse Trail.  We will be putting up lots of posters to encourage folks to join us on August 14th at Heinsburg, “The Liveliest Ghost Town in Alberta”.

How cool is that?  Mark your calendars.  I don’t think you want to miss this stop!


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