Fundraising Idea #1:

Pinksters are always asking me for ideas on how to raise funds for their days on the trail.  For what they’re worth, I’m going to give you some ideas I’ve seen done.

Today’s suggestion is for those who work in a large company with lots of employees — or live in a small town where everybody knows everybody else.  Hold your own head shave.  Here’s how:

Choose a date upon which you will shave your head.  Make posters to advertise it around your place of employ, at your community centre, rec facility, grocery store and coffee shops.  Social media is a great way to reach larger audiences at virtually no cost.  You can use Facebook, Twitter or a blog.  Keep your message upbeat and fun.  (Maybe offer a prize for the person who donates the most to your cause?) Consider approaching local media to sponsor your event.  You might be surprised by their response! Many radio stations and newspapers are happy to share your information and some have special segments for community and fundraising events.  And never underestimate the power of word of mouth.

Create your own on-line fundraising page on the Wild Pink Yonder (WPY) site within Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF).  You’ll find it here.  Then share your page with your co-workers, family and friends. Also, print out some off-line pledge forms and take them to work with you.  You’ll find the paper pledge forms on this page.

You never know who else might be interested in joining your head shave.  Ask your boss, manager, or even the company CEO if s/he might be interested in collecting donations and shaving his or her hair for your cause.  If you get some takers, either add them to your page on the ACF/WPY site, or have them open their own ACF/WPY page and then ask us to transfer their fundraising to your ride.  (We can do that kind of thing.)

Take lots of pictures — before, during and after.  For those who are not able to join you when the shave is happening, it lets them share in your experience.

And finally, once you’re bald and beautiful, to wrap it all up, remember to express appreciation for your volunteers and donors.  Their support is crucial and they deserve recognition, so please send a written note to your donors, sponsors, volunteers and local media that promoted your event.  It’s classy … and will likely get you a repeat donation next year!


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