We Have a Super Duper Prize for You to Go After!

Some years ago, a woman named Donna R, from Rocky Mountain House, came on the Pink Tour with us.  She had a blast, and she really believes in our cause.  She hasn’t ridden with us since (durn!), but most years she offers up a beautiful prize that we give away to our riders.  This is one of those years, and the prize is a beaut!

See this?Donny Rodtka's wallhanging

It is a fabric wallhanging that Donna made for one of her friends.  She took pictures of the friend’s home and yard, transferred the pictures onto fabric and then sewed the pieces together to make them into a hanging quilt, of sorts.  (Donna is very crafty.)  And this year she has offered to make one of these for one lucky rider!

The winning person will get a fabric wallhanging that features pictures of the winner and all her friends who are riding with her.  What a great keepsake to help you remember your friends and the good times you had on the Iron Horse Trail this year!  Obviously, it would be in shades of pink.  I think the title should be “Pink Pals”, but I suppose the winner would be allowed to choose wording of her (or his) own.

I want one!  But I will not get it.

Who will win it?  The person who brings the most friends with her this year.  I already know of a group of four (maybe more) coming out of the north to attend.  Can you get together a group that’s larger?  If so, this wallhanging will be of you, your horse and your best friends!  What a great prize!

Thank you so very much, Donna.  You really are a peach!

Get ready, folks.  August will be upon us before you know it.



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