What About our Men?

That was my first thought when I woke up this morning.  Yesterday I was so excited to tell you about the marvellous bling that is waiting for someone to win that I forgot all about the men.  Men don’t want bling!

So I’ve gone and dug through all the marvellous goodies Peavey Mart has most generously donated to the cause this year, and I’ve pulled out alternate prizes for the rider who brings in the most amount of money.  I have a Martin portable propane bar-be-cue that looks like this:

Martin barbecue









Or a Patriot Solarguard 50 solar electric fencer that looks like this:











Your choice.

So, gentlemen, get a move on!  Either of these babies would be perfect for going horse camping. (The barbecue might be just right for making those insane little “Bailey’s marshmallow cups” that Pinkster Amy taught us all about a couple of years ago.  I’ll tell you how.)

And another thought:  some women are not into bling.  They can choose the barbecue or the solar fencer too.

There are tons of ways to raise the $100/day.  A couple of the easier ones are to open your own personal page on the ACF site and send requests to everyone in your address book.  (Note:  research proves you’ll get better response if the request is made through the ACF site, not through your home address.)

Another very good fundraiser is to approach your local Peavey Mart (or other large store if you don’t have a Peavey) and ask if you can have a hamburger and hot dog sale in front of their main doors.  Peavey’s will go out of their way for you, and even provide the barbecue.  You provide the food and all the income is yours.


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