Today 43 Albertans will hear the words, “You have cancer”. Let’s change that.

That is a slogan used by Alberta Cancer Foundation, and at Wild Pink Yonder we couldn’t agree more.  Let’s change that.

I remember the day I heard the words, “You have cancer”.  My heart froze.  I couldn’t think of anything other than the fact that I’d not had a mammogram for four years (because of severe mobility issues) and I was sure that, essentially, I’d killed myself.  One never forgets a moment like that.  One never wants to live it again.

And so, here we are … five years of riding and $633,000 later.  What have we got?  Well, we’ve got Dr John Mackey and his team — and that’s huge.  They worked on a clinical trial that proved the drug Herceptin improved survival rates after breast cancer surgery.  Then Dr Mackey and his team were able to prove that the probability of breast cancer reoccurrence decreased by 30% because of that research, which spurred Health Canada to approve the drug in this country.  Their findings changed standard practice in Alberta and beyond.  More than 130 women treated in Alberta are now alive because of Dr Mackey’s clinical trial research.

We helped with that — you and me — simply by riding our horses through pinkified towns — or by being one of those pinkified towns.

130 Alberta women alive and well because of Herceptin research.  Maybe you know one of them.  But it isn’t about just Herceptin.  There’s a lot more research out there either being done right now, or waiting for the funding necessary to get started.  That’s where we come in.

How many more miles will it take until Dr Mackey can tell us, “We’ve changed that”?

How far are you willing to go?


2 thoughts on “Today 43 Albertans will hear the words, “You have cancer”. Let’s change that.

  1. Wonderful story, Jane. Doing the math means that the money raised in 5 years ($633,000) helped 130 women. That’s $4,870 each. Therefore for each of the 5 years, every $1,000 raised meant a breast cancer survivor. So if anyone ever thinks their humble contribution doesn’t make a difference, please think again.


  2. Oh, Hugh! What a lovely contribution you’ve made to this blog! Thank you so very much. Now I’m going to copy it and put it right on FB so everyone will see it (as I think not that many read the comments here). See you soon.


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