I rode with two new Pinksters today …

What a great time we had!  We headed for Waskahegan Staging at Blackfoot Grazing and Recreation Area.   The two women I rode with are Corry and Angela.  Corry will ride with us for a number of days.  Angela will be a Longrider.

Corry rides a gorgeous dark bay Quarter Horse she calls Badger.  At 14.2, he’s a nice size for a Quarter Horse, and his bloodlines go way back in reining horses.  He’s built for it.  He and Corry look smashing together.

Angela rides a very striking Appaloosa she calls Electra.  Electra is a palomino with the trademark white bum markings that we all think of when we think Appy.  Angela just got Electra and the story was that she’s a bit of a rogue mare.  Well, she sure isn’t for Angela!  She was good as gold and you couldn’t ask for a more laid back horse.

And then there was me and my Rosie.  Rosie is a 14.3 Paso Fino with a locked down gait that is to die for.  Everyone on the trail couldn’t get over how quickly she moves and how smooth.  They all commented on how my head never went up and down at all.  I am always impressed with her head!  It’s always carried so high on a beautifully arched neck.

And away we went.  Weather was perfect.  Sunny with just enough breeze to keep the bugs at bay.  Beautiful, except that Rosie travels so fast that I couldn’t really ride with the other two.  We’d be out front and leaving them behind.  Then I’d stop Rosie and we’d go back to them, or we’d just stand there and wait.  She was a perfectly wonderful, obedient mare and I was over the moon.  In total, we went for 2 hours.  Not bad for a mare and her rider who’ve not done more than half an hour around the yard before!

So when we hit the Pink Trail, some days I’ll be in the saddle and some days I’ll be in the wagon.  Variety is the spice of life, no?


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