What’s the ONE thing riders want most (and that we don’t always have)?

A shower, that’s what!

Well, I am delighted to announce that we have purchased a shower that works off of propane and a garden hose!  (Who knew something like that even existed?)  So as long as we have a faucet, we have the ability to take a hot shower!

Now the question becomes … where do we put this shower?  We could get one of those little shower/toilet tent cubicle thingies, but they don’t offer much in the way of a place to put your clothing whilst you’re in there, and running buck naked and dripping back to your rig doesn’t seem like a lot of fun. *grin*  I’m leaning toward setting it up in the back of the big stock trailer where the wagon fits.  Then you can put your clothes at one end and shower at the other.  But I’m not set on anything.  Heck, we’ve not even got the shower yet.  (Had to order it in.)  If you have ideas as to where/how this should be set up, please either comment here, or send me an email or a FB PM.

What’s that I hear?  A whole bunch of whoops and hollers of “Hell, yes” out there in Pink Land?


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