A Most Marvellous Phone Conversation!

I am just off the phone with a lady who does not want me to identify her as she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight.  Lady V lives in a seniors’ home called Southside Manor in Edmonton.  She was listening to CFCW this morning and heard about Hugh Ashwell, our 76 year old rider from Edson.  Lady V is quite taken with the idea of Hugh wanting to be a Longrider for Wild Pink Yonder.  She phoned to get more information so she can build a poster (“large print because most of us are long in the tooth and our eyes aren’t up to scratch”) to urge other seniors in her home to make donations to the Alberta Cancer Foundation to sponsor Hugh!

Lady V explained that cancer doesn’t run in her family, it gallops, so sponsoring Hugh is important to her, and she knows of others in Southside Manor who would donate too, if they knew of the opportunity.  So she’s off to make a big, bright poster.  It is her hope that everyone at Southside Manor will pitch in for Hugh!

Lady V, you are one very special lady.  Thank you.


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