Aug 12: Lea Park is going to be an awesome day!

This happens every year!  When I’m at my wits end because some stop isn’t working out and I’ve about run out of options, something like this comes along.  The horse gods are watching over us!

Do any of you remember the Graham Sisters, the (certifiably insane) young women who do incredible daredevil riding on their palomino horses?  They performed for us a number of times at Trail’s End.

Well, now we know why those girls aGraham Sisters - Pic 12re so awesome.  They have a totally awesome mom!  Her name is Colleen Graham.  We spoke with her because our Lea Park stop had fallen apart right in front of our eyes.

Colleen to the rescue with something that is better than anything we could have organized!

It seems Colleen has build “Graham Town” on her property.  It’s a little western town that she’s built herself!  She offers trail rides on completely safe and sane horses as well as overnight camping.

We will haul from Lea Park to the Graham property, where Colleen will take us on a trail ride to Graham Town.  Once there, she will do a weenie roast lunch for us.  Then we will have a chance to explore her town.  She’s got videos of her girls’ performances, so if you’ve never seen the Graham Sisters perform, this is your chance.  (They used to jump through fire rings!)  Then we’ll ride back to our trailers and haul back to Lea Park for the evening.

So here’s the thing: if you’d like to have your spouse or your spouse and kids come and ride with you for this one day, there would be no fundraising needed for them to join Wild Pink Yonder for the day, but they could hire very safe horses from Colleen.  Or they could meet us at Graham Town and just do the poking around and the weenie roast. Children under 12 are $60 for the ride (and weenie roast), while adults pay $75.  If they only want to come for lunch and seeing Graham Town, it’s $25 each.  Might be a fun afternoon for the family.IMG_5952


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