Dateline: August 9th – Vermilion

It was a busy, busy day yesterday (the 9th). 

I had to have two horses at the Peavey Mart in Lloydminster.  Rusty had to have two horses at the Main Street Hardware in Vermilion.  And we had to get a dozen or so riders to the Vermilion Ag Society Grounds, organized and off for their daily ride.

Day dawned warm, windy and overcast.  We didn’t hold much hope for the day, but we packed up (it was soggy going!) in Lloydminster and headed out.

As the day went on, things made a turn for the better and by the time our riders headed out for their ride with super guide, Doug Stewart, it was beautiful and hot.  They were only going to go for a 2-3 hour ride.  I think they finally showed up in camp after 5 hours.  Everybody was beaming and happy.

Rusty and I finished our duties at the Peavey Mart and Main Street Hardware stores and did some shopping for our new “cookie”, Carole.  (She’s awesome.  Rolls with the punches and has taken over the responsibilities that were supposed to belong to another gal, but the other gal backed out at the last minute so Carole said, “I like to be busy anyway”, and off she went.  Love this woman!)

So last evening we sat around a campfire and did what we do best — laugh, kid each other and just generally have a good time.  It was an early evening because it had been quite the busy day.

Happy trails from Vermilion.



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