Dateline: August 11 – Myrnam

What a great little town Myrnam is!  They have a scant 340 people in their beautiful little town that is nestled amongst rolling hills and beautiful forests … and on the evening of the 11th, they sold 120 plates of supper!  That’s more than a third of their population coming out to meet the riders of the Wild Pink Yonder!

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.  We started our day in Vermilion.  In the morning we hauled to a farm just outside of Myrnam, where we were taken on a beautiful ride through forests and between farms.  It was gorgeous (and my Rosie was being a banana).  They even went so far as to set out a cooler of cold water bottles for us to enjoy half way through our ride!  It was cute.  We were riding along and I looked ahead at … a cooler?  In the middle of nowhere?  Did it fall off someone’s tailgate or what?  But no.  It was strategically put there for us to find and enjoy.

After the ride, we hauled into the Myrnam Ag Society and got ourselves cleaned up for the evening.  And what a great evening!  Small town hospitality at its absolute finest!  Dinner was homemade and delicious.  Your choice of ham or meatballs (or both), scalloped potatoes, two types of salad and one of those Ukrainian things that I can never remember the name of. (The really good one — not the little pillow thingies.)

After dinner we had some wonderful homegrown entertainment.  One of our guides from earlier in the day is a cowboy poet, so he got up there and entertained.  Then there was a young fellow (I’m going to guess his age to be 12 years) who loves to sing and play the guitar.  He was priceless.  It’s odd (but endearing) to have a little peach fuzz face singing gritty Johnny Cash tunes!  *grin*  And we ended the evening with a young woman (age about 18-20?) with a voice like a bird.  It was magnificent.

When the evening was over, all the PInksters sat around a fire for a while and watched a huge harvest moon come up across the landscape.  It was hauntingly beautiful.

Good night, Myrnam.  We love you — and I suspect a number of us will be back in your neck of the woods again.       


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