Dateline: August 12 – Graham Town

Colleen Graham is one of the kindest, nicest women I’ve met in a long time.  She’s the mother of the famous Graham Sisters Trick Riding Team, and the brains behind “Graham Town”, a little western town she’s built on their farm land.  It’s the cutest little town!  There are a number of little buildings and a number of little false building fronts, a regulation size teepee, a Pony Express Office, tiny little church (seats about 12, I think) and other little buildings.  Truly cute.

Colleen is one of those cup half full kind.  But in her case, I’d say it’s more like three quarters full!  She set aside an entire day just for Wild Pink Yonder, which is going some because she makes a living from Graham Town, where people come for trail rides and weenie roasts and a chance to visit her little town … where girls come for horse camps … and where her family raises cattle.

When we arrived it was so freaking hot (+30 or +32) that we opted to put off our ride until evening.  Everyone tried to sleep, but it was even too hot for that.  Once it cooled down, Colleen took us out to move cattle.  What fun!  (Rosie loved it!)  So we moved the cattle around, and had to move a bull who thought he ought to go visit the heifers.  Bulls can be a tad grumpy when you take them away from the young girls!

Later we sat around the Graham Town fire pit and ate hot dogs.

Later still, Colleen came out on her horse and took some of our gang on a moonlit ride.  The moon wasn’t quite full, but full enough that they had a good time.  

Colleen has had a hip replaced and is finding that riding her horse hurts, so the next morning I tacked up Rosie and sent her off for a spin around the arena with Colleen.  Colleen had the typical “Paso Grin” when she got off and I will be phoning Stef after Trail’s End to see if she can find the perfect Paso for Colleen.

Farewell, Graham Town.  We’ll be getting the word out about this little gem of an attraction.


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