Oh, Rosie! You’re such a banana!

So we went on this ride at Myrnam.  We started out standing around in a field.  I wasn’t particularly close to the organizers while we waited for everybody, but I guess I was close enough.  When we left, Rosie was anxious to get to the head of the group — so much so that she was crowding a grey that kicked out at her, so I made her go to the back of the group where I knew the horses and knew they wouldn’t kick.

Well!  What a fight I had on my hands!  Rosie was beside herself for the first half of the ride, and at one point I thought I might have to get her ponied.  She was that antsy!  My hands were getting sore from holding her back.  It made no sense.  She’d been perfect the day before!  What was up?

After an hour and a bit, we came to a gate where we all gathered before continuing.  Rosie pushed past other horses and came up beside an old gentleman named Nick and his little mare called “Babe”.  The minute she got there, I could feel Rosie relax.  She went from tense and wired, to mellow and happy in a matter of 5 seconds!  It was Babe!  Rosie REALLY liked Babe.  

So as we continued on, Nick and Babe and Rosie and I rode together.  I commented to Nick on the change in Rosie and he said he noticed the same thing with Babe!  She’d been acting up something awful before Rosie and I came up and rode beside them!  Another odd thing is that Babe, while small (13.2hh), is a traveller.  She can walk as fast as Rosie!

Can a mare fall in love with another mare … all in the space of a couple of minutes?  If you’d asked me that a couple of days ago, I’d have laughed at you.  But not now.  Rosie and Babe made an INSTANTANEOUS connection.  The bond was so strong that when we finished the ride, I tied Rosie to our trailer and Nick put Babe into his … and the two girls called and called and called to each other.

I’ve never seen anything like that before.  Don’t imagine I will ever again.  Just weird.

But on a very positive note, even when I was spinning Rosie trying to get her attention, I was never afraid.  You’re right, Stef.  This mare doesn’t want to hurt me.  Not at all.  I’m loving my Rosie!

Forgot to mention:  we’ve broken the age record again!  Nick is 84 years young.  Doctors have told him to stop riding horses, but Nick says, “I’ll know when it’s time to quit … and it ain’t time yet.”


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