Dateline: August 13 – Dewberry

Well, this was an interesting stop!  Initially Dewberry declined our offer to bring our dog and pony show to their town.  They didn’t feel they could offer enough to us … but we came ahead anyway … and they rose to the occasion beautifully!

We met a marvelous woman named Orlean, who loves to ride and doesn’t have enough opportunities to do so.  She took our riders for a two hour jaunt on the 13th when we arrived, and again today, the 14th.  Today she took us to Lea Park.  (I didn’t ride.  Wimped out because it was so freaking hot!)  By all accounts, in particular, the Lea Park ride was grand.  Beautiful trails, beautiful scenery … happy riders.

But before the Lea Park ride, Dewberry decided to do dinner for us on the 13th.  In a matter of a couple of hours they “threw together” a fantastic feed just for the riders.  Then they asked if we’d ride our horses downtown the next day.  You see, they were having a sod turning celebration for their new community hall, and they thought we might bring some life to the proceedings.  

Of course, we agreed!  Why would we not?  They had been fine hosts.  So off we went this morning and rode to the community hall site for the speeches and photo ops for a number of newspapers.  After the ceremony, they invited us to lunch before we left.  

It was great too!  A number of women in Dewberry REALLY know how to cook.

After lunch it was off to Lea Park and our afternoon’s ride.  By all accounts, it was fantastic … other than Carly feel off one of my Fjords.  (Oh!  Didn’t I tell you?  Carly and Maddy are breaking my Fjords to ride!  Finally, Rusty will have his own riding horse!)


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