Dateline: August 14 – Heinsberg

We left Lea Park and headed directly to Heinsberg, where the lovely Marj Scott met each of us at the gate.  (Rusty and I both want to adopt Marj.)

Finally!  We’re at the trail head for the Iron Horse Trail and we’re all excited to get going on it.

Once settled, we headed up to the community hall for dinner and a jamboree.  I just love small town Alberta!  And Heinsberg did not disappoint.  Lovely homemade dinner of ham and potato salad with cole slaw and chili con carne.  Yum.

After dinner we had a “Dutch auction”.  Still not sure that I understand how those things are supposed to work, but I won myself a pair of Skecher (Sketcher?) sneakers with matching hat, scarf, socks and purse!

And then the entertainment got started.  It always amazes me how much talent there is out in the country.  Talent that the world will never know of, but which is really very, very good.  A cowgirl poet, Metis dancers, singers and guitar pickers.  We heard it all, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

It was an early night (by design) so we’d be fresh for the morning.  Some of us stayed up around the fire for an hour, but most went off to bed.

Good night, Heinsberg.  We love your warmth and hospitality … and God bless, Marj.


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