Dateline: August 17th – Riding for Dorothy

Turns out that Ardmore, Fort Kent and Bonnyville turned into non-events. They completely cratered and have contributed nothing (other than a place to spend the night in Bonnyville) to help in our quest to “ride breast cancer into the ground”.  That’s unfortunate for them because we’ve seen first hand how much this event can do to raise community spirit … and fortunately for us, other towns don’t agree with them.  You know it.  I know it.  Most of the towns we visit know it. This is a VERY worthy cause.  ‘Nuff said.

So we skipped taking our riders to Ardmore and Fort Kent.  Instead they rode from St Paul to Abilene Junction, then trailered to Bonnyville for the night.  I’m told that the ride was magnificent — the scenery wonderful — the day a tad hot, but not as hot as they’ve faced before.

Amongst our numbers today were three women — Juanita, Michelle and Megan — from the Vegreville area.  Each of them works in the Vegreville hospital.  They told us that they are riding for their friend who just started treatment for breast cancer.  Her name is Dorothy, and all three women sported t-shirts that said, “Riding for Dorothy”.  I’m sure Dorothy is touched by the level of caring by these friends of hers. 

What started out as a noble ride for their friend turned into a marvellous ride that they didn’t want to end.  It seems that none of them get a chance to trail ride (Michelle used to show horses and now runs to horse shows with her kids), so this was a lovely get-away for the three of them.

With luck, they enjoyed themselves so much they’ll schedule a holiday around riding with Wild Pink Yonder next year.

And to you, Dorothy … best of luck during our treatment.  All of us are pulling for you.image


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